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The Colon Cleanse by Advocare is a milder cleanse according to many users of the product. Many people when they hear the words "colon" and "cleanse" together they start having visions of lose bowels. Well, at least I do. Many people that have read my "Advocare Review" article probably already know how I feel about any type of colon cleanse. Although it is not for me, I do not tell others not to use it. Most of the comments pertaining to the Advocare colon cleanse have been good. 

There are always going to be those that prefer one product over another, and that I assure you will never change. What I can tell you is that if your interested in doing a cleanse it might be worth watching videos like this YouTube video so you have a better understanding of how the products should be put together. I have noticed most negative reviews were the result of improper preparation. The person in the video gives you step by step instructions on how to prepare and consume the spark drink and the Colon Cleanse (herbal cleanse). Trust me, if you are seriously considering using the product that video will help.

To be honest, if you are going to venture into the realm of cleaning out your colon, you might just as well jump over to my 24 day challenge article. 

I am going to stick with the research found in my Advocare Review article and suggest not using a colon cleanse at all.

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