Advocare We Build Champions, Really?

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Ever since I first read the “we build champions” slogan, constantly being used by Advocare and their distributors, I have always wondered what that meant. What is the company implying? The last time I checked the company website there were no categories labeled “champions made by Advocare”. Realistically, if a champion developed from taking the products you would think there would be a special place on the website, right? Nope, nothing! Let me tell you why I believe they use that particular slogan.

You must have heard the saying “guilty by association” before. Well, you may not have, but back when I was growing up it was a common phrase. Basically, if you hang around with people that do bad things, other people are going to start thinking you are doing the same illicit activity. Advocare knows if they can recruit professional athletes, and get them to say they use the product, it will have the same affect. If they can get athletes like Drew Brees to tell their fans that they started using the product prior to the endorsement and that it works, that is just an added bonus. The product becomes the champion builder by association. I know when they say "we build champions", they are not talking about the income potential because only 2% of the distributors make a substantial income. Seriously, what champion derived from the consumption of Advocare products, Drew Brees?

There are many places on the internet where you can find information about Drew, or you can buy his book "Coming Back Stronger."  If you copy and paste the title of his book in the Amazon link below, you will notice the Kindle version is less than $10. Anytime you research on the internet you have to be careful not to just assume what you are reading is the truth. So I decided to use an article from Gale Biography, because the information is backed with viable research. But let me give you a brief breakdown of Drew’s autobiography. 

Drew Brees was born in 1979, and was lucky enough to have a mother, father, and grandfather that promoted athletics. At least they encouraged him to participate in a variety of sports. When he was a young man his mother put a tennis racket in his hand, his father encouraged playing catch, his grandfather played college football, and coached football for the local high school. You would think with all the “we make champions” chatter from Advocare, he might have started consuming Advocare products from a young age.

Unfortunately that is not the case as Advocare was created by Charlie Ragus in 1993 when Drew was around 14. It appears to me Drew was already excelling in a variety of sports. His mother put a racket in his hand at a young age, and by the time Advocare entered the multilevel marketing industry, young Drew Brees was already knocking on the door of champions. With a first place state ranking in tennis and a little league home-run record under his belt, I am really confident Advocare International was not the motivation pushing him towards the door of champions. To be honest with you, after reading about the death of his mother due to an overdose, I am contemplating purchasing his book because he has an interesting story to tell. But as you can see, Drew Brees was a talented young man with strong family support, and that is what I believe drove him to success, or to become a champion, not Advocare.

Rich Froning is another athlete Advocare International uses on a regular basis. He has been a guest at many of their gatherings. You can watch him on YouTube talking about his Advocare regimen. Advocare brags about his Crossfit championships as if they had something to do with it. I do not want to be the bearer of bad news, but when Rich Froning originally became a champion, he was not talking about using Advocare. If you watch the video on the muscleandfitness website you will see a young Froning talking about some of the products he uses on a regular basis, and they were not made by Advocare. If you watch the BSN YouTube video from 2013, you will see that Rich Froning also endorsed BSN products. If you go to the getyouinshape website you will notice Rich Froning did not join Advocare until January of 2014, well after becoming a champion. But, Advocare knows if you parallel your company with a champion, the association will be made. From that point on hundreds of thousands of people will intuitively believe both Froning and Brees championships were directly related to the product. But what do their stories tell me?

Advocare had nothing to do with either of their success stories, other than providing and extra income. Well, supposedly Rich is a non paid endorser. Drew Brees had support from his parents and other family members, and so did Rich. You might be interested in reading this PDF, where Froning talks about his family, and some of the things his dad did to help build such a strong work ethic. He believed his parents came from families that emphasized “hard work will get you where you need to go”. Becoming a champion has nothing to do with Advocare. It is an intentionally misleading statement used by the company to sell their product, and nothing more. Both athletes have a strong work ethic, and if you couple that with their mental strength. That  is what allowed them to not only knock on the door of champions. It gave them the strength to open it up and walk right in.

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