Christopher Kimballs Reply to Advocare Review

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 This is Advocare Distributor Chris Kimball's original reply to my article:

Hey buddy Chris here from the conversation above. Let me get a few things out there up front. One, yes I'm an Advocare distributor but only for the 40% discount I get on the products. Yes I know that the products are marked up so I'm essentially paying retail even with the 40% off, but I like SOME of the products and would like to continue using them even if it costs me money. Two, I have no financial interest in what AdvoCare calls "the opportunity". If I could post a pic here I would... but my retail site clearly indicates I have not sold a single AdvoCare product to anyone except myself. I realize I can't prevent anyone from buying products off my microsite, but I believe there to be plenty of distributors who are interested in the opportunity... So I'm not particularly worried about generating sales or building teams. I also have no "down-line" of distributors under me. I know plenty of people who make a living selling AdvoCare and building teams. More power to them, but that's not for me for a lot of reasons that I'll get into later. Three, my initial response to the article mentioned above was not to promote AdvoCare... it was in defense of what I read to be a generalization about the quality of AdvoCare products. Ed, I'm sure you run a good blog... but no, I did not take the time to read any of your information because I have no real interest in reading and having information reinforced with which I fundamentally agree. I don't think you and I are as polarized in our beliefs as you may believe.
I'm no stranger to defending my positions and beliefs on many things. I'm a CrossFit athlete (extremely amateur) and coach, so there is certainly no shortage of people who have some sort of deep-seated opinion about CrossFit. I believe entirely in the CrossFit message and approach to fitness, so I defend it whole-heartedly. When it comes to AdvoCare, I believe in the message, I think the opportunity is real for those who have the personality, drive and ambition, and I believe in enough of the products to at least secure my own distributor status. That doesn't mean I've blindly consumed the Kool-Aid (spark).

Here is what I have to say about Spark. Many of my clients, athletes, and friends come to me in complete nutritional anarchy. Pre-diabetic, insulin resistant, hypertensive, high cholesterol, etc. If I can get them off their 100oz per day of soda and drinking two Sparks a day instead, I believe that to be a victory. I think the list of vitamins in Spark is great information to read, but I'm not particularly concerned about those. My client, athletes, and I do pretty well getting most vitamins and minerals from eating meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and generally no sugar... at least only negligible amounts of sugar and other mono-saccharides (like the measly 4g of maltodextrin in a Spark). I'm far more interested in the ingredients Choline, Tyrosine, and Carnitine as they pertain to the ability to perform well at the kind of movements we do in life and CrossFit. Choline plays a role in neurotransmission via acetylcholine synthesis, Tyrosine is an amino acid that plays a role in protein synthesis, and Carnitine is a very interesting amino acid derivative that help efficiently mobilize fatty acids into mitochondria so they can be used in the citric acid cycle which is one of our body's metabolic pathways used to create adenosine triphosphate.

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