Is Advocare the Modern Day "Titanic"?

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For many years the world sat idly by while small to medium size vessels, seemingly harmless, set sail into the waters more commonly known as "Multi Level Marketing" (MLM). Yes there were points in time where it became difficult for some of these ships to navigate the unpredictable waters. This was primarily due to the small little patches of frozen water better known as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Although some vessels still remain afloat to this day, others were forced to succumb to the treacherous waters. Well known ships such as Holiday Magic, and Koscot were met with similar fate. Both had something in common in regard to structure and design, but none were able to foresee the deadly patches of frozen water that would soon lead them to barren ground. Eventually forcing them back to the very shores from which they came, void of all passengers.

 Soon a better ship, with an invisible evil, by the name of Amway would emerge from the wreckage of those falling ships. The frozen waters would soon rage once again, but the evil ship and its unsuspecting passengers would prevail. From that point on, all vessels would assimilate Amway's invisible, but nonetheless evil path. The mischievous implementation of deceitful but effective plans and procedures enabled the treading of such deadly waters with almost stealth like characteristics. This allowed Amway to avoid succumbing to the same fate as congruent ships of the past. 

The pirates, whom control the demon like vessel, would lure innocent passengers aboard using deceitful words such as safe, God, wealth, and greener pastures. With the promise of such whimsical prosperity the passengers could not resist the temptation to invest in the ships voyage. Soon the world would see the rise of other great ships such as Vemma and Advocare. Regardless of the plethora of complaints deriving from those whom barely survived the voyage, others were always willing to invest, and take the ride. Knowing full well 95% would not survive.

Vemma set sail days before the Titanic of all ships "Advocare". But as the Titanic approaches the greatest storm of the decade, the waters begin to turn to ice. Off in the distance the Advocarian Pirates can see the glistening of Vemma as the icy waters stop it in its tracks. Advocare realizes they are heading towards the biggest ice-burg of their time, and begins to wonder if the icy water has figured out their deceptive plan. Knowing all these years the ship itself has always remained the same since Koscot's demise. Advocare and its passengers start to fear the Vemma ice-burg as it nears, and wonder if they will be alright. Or will Advocare become the next "Modern Day Titanic". 

The aforementioned story, although fiction, certainly parallels the stories of many whom attempt to tread the waters of Multi Level Marketing. It is not up to me to determine what vessel you should board, if any; you have to decide that on your own. But I can tell you with utmost certainty, like any vessel you board as a passenger, you are not in control. Even the captains control is illusory, as even their life is at the whim of the icy waters they choose to sail.  Yes, it is your trip and you paid for it. But the trip is only as safe as the captain you choose to ride with. These Multi Level Markets were not designed adequately enough to support all the weight as they can only load passengers so wide and so deep. Longevity is not a sign that the ship is safe to board. Similar to a ship that takes on too much cargo, it will sink, no matter how deep the water. But do not be surprised if the captain throws you overboard, along with your friends. The policies and procedures afford the leaders of Multi Level Marketing companies the ability to control the weight of the ship.

The distributors, or captains, will do anything to persuade you to climb aboard. Promising you obtainable wealth controlled only by the effort one is willing to sacrifice, is a deceptive and misleading tactic. Distributors will tell you about products that have withstood the test of time, but I am here to tell you the truth that is visible to those that choose to open their eyes. The quality of the product in and of itself, can not, and will not, ensure all passengers prosperity. Yes, some people will make it to the promise lands of financial freedom, but at what cost? All of the Multi Level Companies have the ability to protect its passengers, somewhat, by sharing vital information such as market saturation, but they choose not to. They know their company cannot, and will not, be able to hold an infinite number of passengers. So let me sum the story up for you.

Multi Level Markets have products that people are willing to use. But it takes more than a good product to ensure a system works well enough to create such wealth. Unfortunately time has shown us that wealth is unobtainable for the majority of participants. If you do not believe me, just go read your companies income statement. I personally believe that anyone that convinces their family members to take this journey with them fit one of two categories. They either truly believed the deceptive and intentionally misleading words from companies such as Advocare. Or they were born with the same deceptive and misleading character that has allowed many of these companies to survive for so long. Which one are you?

Let me leave you with one last question. Would you set sail on a ship with your friends and family knowing that over ninety-five percent would not survive the trip?

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