Advocare Scientist Admits Processed Food Should Be Limited

I believe anyone that has read my articles will agree that I try to keep a distance between my opinion and the facts. I usually refer to them as intuitive conjectures, and I avoid them as much as possible. What I do is analyze information provided by distributors, Advocare, and even doctors that are associated with Advocare, and I construct my article based on that alone. Since I started writing about Advocare I noticed there are two types of distributors. Some claim that they joined for the discount and there are those that joined to participate in the business. I guess you could say that there is a third as some join for both. Many of them claim that the products worked for them, and that is alright. Determining whether or not the products work is not what has me troubled most of the time. It is the periodic misleading or contradictory statements made by distributors, Advocare Doctors, or Advocare. Please, allow me to give you an example.

Yesterday I was looking around to see if anyone is providing misleading or contradictory statements. What I mean by contradictory is a statement that deviates from Advocare’s business model, marketing strategy, or the basic principles the company promotes. My first stop is usually the Advocare Facebook. Because it is run by Advocare, you would think there would be no misleading or contradicting statements to be found. If you visit their Facebook page you will notice some blue advertisements referred to as “The Five Key Elements to a Healthy Lifestyle”. All I needed to do was read the first one before I started laughing. Please take a look at the picture below and tell me you do not see what I am seeing.

You will notice that this advertisement is endorsed by Advocare and appears to be created by Dr. Leanne Redman, one of the doctors on the medical advisory board. Correct me if I am wrong but Redman is indicating that a balanced diet requires limiting processed foods and limited added sugars. Because Advocare allowed their name to be placed on the advertisement, they have essentially endorsed the claims found within. When I was done reading it I asked myself, what is considered a processed food. I thought maybe I was missing something. Let me clear something up before I go any further. I understand just about everything that we eat is processed somewhat, including milk and canned veggies. There are products that fall under the label minimally processed. The following is the United States governments’ definition of processed foods:

“The term “processed food” means any food other than a raw agricultural commodity and includes any raw agricultural commodity that has been subject to processing, such as canning, cooking, freezing, dehydration, or milling.”

There is no doubt that food that is cooked a certain way or processed more than others loses the vitamin content as there are plenty of studies to support that claim. There are also plenty of studies that indicate vitamins have not been proven to help. To be honest with you, I do not care about those statistics. I take vitamins from time to time. But you cannot say one thing and mean another like Advocare is doing with the aforementioned advertisement. All the Advocare products are processed, and many are not even close to their natural form. Does anyone truly believe the spark drink is not processed? How about the meal replacement shakes? Personally I do not care if people consume Advocare products if they have done their research and are informed. What bothers me is that Advocare supposedly promotes life changing eating habits, and the use of a bunch of processed supplements. Then they turn around and promote eating limited quantities of processed foods. How can you sell Advocare products and promote the aforementioned? All of the products are processed and they promote the idea that everyone should be using the product to sell the product. Go back and read my other material and you will see people like Danny McDaniel promoting the idea you have to be a product of the product. When does this bull crap end?

It may not be a big deal to some of you, but I like to be honest with people. I used to work closely with Advo-Truth Facebook until I found out he is not always truthful. Advocare cannot on one hand say that everyone should avoid processed foods and then sell nothing but processed foods. Where the hell does that make sense? They are basically telling you that you do not need anything but natural foods that you could grow in your garden, or minimally processed canned food and meats. None of which is sold by Advocare.

The next question is can we trust Dr. Redman anymore? On one had she is telling you that Advocare is scientifically proven and supports Advocare claims, while on the other hand she is telling you to stay away from processed foods. Are you kidding me? Yes you can play pro baseball, but you really suck at baseball. You can keep selling the products if you want, I really do not care whether they work or do not work. But please do not be deceptive like Dr. Redman and the rest of the Advisory Board. They all know or should know that natural foods are what our bodies were intended to eat, and supplements may not be as effective in their isolated state. Then there are distributors that are still caught in the fantasy world promoting the idea that Advocare is part of his/her business. For example, if you go back to the Advocare Facebook you will find the following and I quote:

“In lieu of an in-home Mixer, I and my two guests rolled on up to the Home Office in Plano for a BOM. Spoiled, I know.
I LOVE bringing new people up there so they can see that, yes, AdvoCare is a big deal. I love sharing different stories from the Diamond Wall and showing them Will Call. We have our own building, it is real, you can touch it, and no, we don't meet IN A VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER!”

That quote was from Advocare Distributor Jeff Burris and was allowed to be posted on the Advocare Facebook page. Why is he allowed to pretend he has something to do with Advocare and their building? That would be like me taking my Elvis collection to Grace Land and saying see, we have a real house. When does it stop people? Oh by the way, I do not have an Elvis collection. Jeff Burris, you are not part of Advocare! You do not have a building! They have a building, and you just sell Advocare products. You know what else; they are more than happy to take your money. Who the hell ever said anything about Advocare being sold out of a Van? Are you also suggesting that your Advocare mixers take place in the Advocare building, and that is why you are showing it to them? What was the point you were trying to make when you said “We” have our own building”?

 This is the simple fact people. Advocare provides you the truth through their promotional material such as their income disclosure statement. Yes, 99% fail every single year. They also provide you with truth through other advertisement material such as the one I provided today. The truth that just eating very little processed foods, getting sleep, and exercising a couple hours a week is all that is needed to be healthy. Let me remind you, I am not a doctor, and only your doctor can tell you what your diet should look like. But, most everyone in the medical field would agree that eating minimally processed foods, exercise, water, and sleeping regularly is a good start for most people.You can go to the Facebook page I provide and you will see two other blue advertisements that pertain to exercise and sleeping. I believe they are number two and three. I am sure numbers five and four will be coming out soon. I am going to guess that one of them will tell you to drink plenty of water. 

This is what I am thinking. Advocare is telling you that you really do not need to consume their products to become healthy. That is supported by the advertisement I provided today. I also think you should consult your doctor and determine if you have any type of vitamin deficiency to help you decide what you can do to fix it through natural food or minimally processed food that does not include Advocare.

Like I said, I am not here to tell you if the products work because I am not a doctor. All I can do is provide you with the information that is released by Advocare, and give you my opinion as to what it means. How can anyone truly continue selling their products knowing the information I just showed you. Their products are not better than a regular diet of minimally processed foods. They say it themselves. Then there is the fact that people like Jeff are out there making the company look stupid by using the same type of deceptive behavior commonly found in MLM.
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