"I know who is Selling Advocare Products on Amazon

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One of the reasons why selling Advocare products can become difficult, is because there are people like Ryan Gruenwald selling products online to Amazon customers. Your probably wondering why I know that he is the one selling the products. Well, that is my little secret. Unfortunately, that is probably an alias, but I could be wrong. 

You would think it would be difficult to create a fake account using an alias. Advocare is a direct marketing company, that prefers their product be sold face to face? Unfortunately, enabling the purchase of a distributor kit, and an online Micro Site, opens the door for the purchase and resale of products online to other venues. 

Well, I thought I would be nice and share this persons name with Advocare and their distributors to show that I am not an angry person like I was accused of being yesterday here

The reason why I shared the link is because you will also notice that one of the distributors treated me with respect. Instead of saying I am wrong, or angry, Cathy said this is why I think the company is great. She then indicated to me she will share her story here when she is ready, and I look forward to hearing what she has to say. 

I forgot to mention, if you know this person, and you know he is not selling online. Please contact him and let him know that someone is using his identity, and then contact me so I can modify this information.

Thank you Cathy, and Happy New Year to everyone!!

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