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With the transition into a New Year, we all leave 2015 behind us. But as we do, many of our desires go unfulfilled. But 2016 opens a new door of possibilities, and therefore many of us look to those unfulfilled desires as a means to start the year off on the right foot, or the left if you prefer.  Every year I think of a New Year resolution, but never really followed through with any of them. But something happened today that I believe sealed the deal for my resolution.

I was taking the garbage to the dump, and as I was bringing the recyclable bags to where they belong, I passed a woman carrying a bin of recyclable cans. She looked to be around 85 or 90 years old. I have to admit she looked to be in good shape, and seemed really mobile. As I walked by I noticed she had a big box in the back seat that appeared to be extremely heavy. Unfortunately I had my hands full or I would have offered to take the bin over for her. On my way back from dumping my cans, I noticed she was not alone.

Her husband, whom seemed to be around the same age, was trying to get that heavy box out from the car. He seemed to be struggling a lot. I watched several people walk by and just look at him. Not one person, not one person offered to help that man. That is when I walked behind him and said, pardon me sir, startling the crap out of him. I apologized, and asked if he would mind if I carried the heavy box for him. He gave me the biggest grin and said would you mind? I told him it would be my pleasure, and I asked if he wanted to keep the box. He said yes, thank you. I was right, that box was really heavy. When I brought the box back, it appeared as though he was going to cry. Both of their faces were lit with joy, and gratefulness. He took the box from me, and both of them thanked me and wished me a happy new year. I have to admit, it felt really good. So what am I getting at?

Those people acted like it was uncommon for someone to offer a helping hand. Then I thought about it. How many times have I walked in the mall, or down the street, and just about everyone walks by without as much as a gesture of hello? The number is too high to recall. I remember when I was a kid, it seemed like people always said hello, or helped someone without expecting something in return. But this is what I am asking.

Can everyone, every day, or every week, do something nice for someone, without taking something in return.  Go out of your way to say hello to your neighbor, or even someone you do not know. I know we live in a time when people are concerned with lawsuits, and it might be difficult for someone to open up and let you help, and that is alright. During the winter I try to clear as much snow for my friends and neighbors as I possibly can. I do it because I want to do it, and I know they appreciate it. Not to mention it is great exercise. So, if you have someone next to you that is disabled or does not have a snow-blower, or lawnmower,  ask them if they would mind if you treated them to some free help. I am sure someone is going to say yes. There is more to this story than that. Please allow me to explain.

Many people utilize Advocare because they want to get in shape, or just feel better. If you really want to do yourself a favor, put that money into your local gym or sports shop. For example, if you live in Oswego, you could visit Murdocks and buy a bicycle. Or you could join Oswego Karate, run by Charlie Burger. We also have an Oswego Boxing Club run by Derrick Falcetti. If you are interested in joining the boxing gym, they are located at the local YMCA, another great place to invest your money. As you can see, regardless of what gym you join, you would not only lose weight, but learn how to defend yourself. Not to mention, swimming is great exercise too, and the YMCA has a big pool. Not only would you be helping yourself, you will put money back into your own community. My personal resolution is to be a better person, but Advocare Review is going to focus on not only bringing awareness to multilevel marketing, but helping anyone that really wants to lose weight and get into better shape,  and this is how I intend to do that.

At some point I will provide a detailed description of what I did to get into shape. Trust me, it did not include Advocare. Unfortunately, I will never be able to say Advocare is a good company to join if you want to make money, because it is similar to playing the lottery. Some win, and some lose.  I will not promote the taking of supplements over good healthy eating, and I do not believe your local gym should either. That is not to say a supplement from time to time is not necessary. Here at Advocare Review, I promote the idea that losing weight is a mind set. If you believe you can do it, you will. 

Unfortunately, it will take a little bit more than that. But that is where you start. Believe you can do it, get up and eat a good breakfast, healthy lunch, healthy dinner, drink lots of water, fruits and vegetables in between, and repeat. Here are two more ingredients, exercise and get sleep. You do not have to kill yourself from the start. Just get up and start walking, cut your neighbors lawn, rake their leaves, or shovel their driveway. You will help them, while helping yourself. That is what Advocare Review’s resolution is for this year. To help you find the mind set, that will propel you past your inhibitions. To push you out the door to help others, while you help yourself.

I hope everyone has a “Happy New Year”, and please be safe!

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